Monday, May 07, 2007

Wrapping your design Interface with more wrappers!

In my mist of researching how we will improved the Wildcat! application designs, one of the most critical discoveries I found is that it is really a big frigging mess out there!

Folks, we been down this road before and I am not quite sure how the industry got blindsided with such a vast array and mixture of new methods that basically attempt to do the same thing - creating input and output in all kinds of crazy ways!

We got Adobe, Microsoft, Google, Mozilla and a bunch of other Unix wienies based systems all duplicating work and doing the same thing! It is astronomically confusing and anyone who claims to be expert in understanding it all is basically full of it. Google seems to be teaming up with Mozilla, Adobe wants to be king, and Microsoft is adapting with its own set of methods. Its really going to be just a M cubed world - Microsoft, MacroMedia and Mozilla!

It makes me wonder what got us to this point where XML is now a frigging PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE! It also seems that many who had a hard problem with that wrote even more cryptic XML derivative or some other lame string syntax like LSON and the dozen of others. Folks this is insane - we have wrappers languages for wrappers language for wrappers languages!

Whatever happen to just a simple concept?


Could you not just single source this?

Don't get me wrong. Life isn't that simple, but there seems to be no end in sight, and there only seems to be one solution for us - Write another Wildcat! wrapper for these wrappers, written for wrappers, written for wrappers

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