Saturday, May 19, 2007

Wildcat! 7.0 Development Starts this Week!

After a lengthy research effort, this week we begin the new Wildcat! 7.0 (WC7) development efforts. WC7 will be a long time coming of a re-awaken and modern Wildcat! system with all the current technology and preparing it for the future.

From my research, I found that Wildcat! is still a very strong and powerful framework with ideas and concept that many in the similar industry are just now beginning to recognize and deal with. The basic strategy is to strengthen and enhance the Wildcat! Client/Server framework. This will lay the groundwork for years to come. Our problem has been one of marketing and becoming stagnant with the current strength of the current system, ignoring or not focusing on new trends such as WEB 2.0, RSS, XML I/O, etc.

Well, all that is about to change starting this week. There will more to come with plans and announcements, but one of the first things we already done is to enhance the Developer's Corner at the Santronics Online Support Web Site.

The primarily highlights (subject to change) to look for in Wildcat! 7.0 are:

All Editions (Community, Business, Enterprise)

- XML I/O API support for Wildcat! SDK
- RSS feed support for Mail and File Areas
- BLOG support for Mail and File Areas
- SPRY, FLEX, GWT and APOLLO support
- Audio/Video Support
- New WcNavigator based on Web 2.0 methods
- Open Source WcBASIC (Maybe)

Business Edition and Enterprise Edition

- SQL support for User, Mail and File database
- Clustering Support
- I/O Control Port Support

New editions will be packaged:

- DE Developer Edition
- FE File Exchange Edition
- ME Modem-only Edition
- PE Personal Edition (Free)

and a DEMO version will be made available for download.

Hector Santos/CTO


Havard said...

Until I make blog posts via the ansi interface, I won't be happy. My original reason for purchasing wcBASIC and the plus pack was to write a blog app for wildcat, but then I remembered how infrequently I update my existing blog (which predates first usage of the word "blog" by several months) and decided against it. The idea was to essentially take the existing code for the message bases but make it so that only the blog's owner or whomever he allows to make top-level posts. Everything else must be a follow-up (if allowed).

Bonus points for making a blog system that works with fidonet. I envision a blogbone. Something crazy like this would definitely get Wildcat! noticed.

Hector said...

Harvard, that is really important here is the API, including WCBASIC.

we will use the current message system. How it is stored on the backend will stay the same but will offer an SQL access too as well.

Your comments are valid and ANSI/TEXT interface is still a valid part.

The Fidonet is a separate issue that is more about how to network systems. We MUST into XML/RSS networking. Fidonet can always be added on that of that, but XML/RSS is important.

Thanks for your comments.