Sunday, May 06, 2007

Social Networks are BBSes!

You know the saying, “The more things change, the more it remains the same.”

Today’s “web communities” is nothing more than yesterdays “BBS” system, providing all the basic interactive and connectivity and the sharing of information, be it files, images, music, chatting, etc. The only difference today is the “GUI”, the presentation, the higher bandwidth and the wider user access (# of users that can reach you). But truth be told - Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and all simple that - GIGANTIC BBSes!

Wildcat! is basically the “Last Mohican” of the traditional BBS system - Wildcat! Interactive Net Server, the most successful BBS of all time. When I purchased from Jim Harrer (Mustang Software) in 1998, many were skeptical of the purchase and the future. But My vision was clear - we were all headed toward the day where each one of us will have a “Personal BBS” installed on our personal computers and connected as well.

Social Networks, Communities, call it what you want - there are all Bulletin Board Systems A.K.A BBS!

But the evolution is not complete! There is more to come!

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