Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Gran Paradiso - Google's new web browser

Oh my gawd, Google is now in the web browser business! This is going to be very interesting - No wonder Microsoft is pissing in its pant!

Oh where do you find it?

Well, its code name is Gran Paradiso, its official name is FIREFOX 3.0!!

I downloaded it this morning, and so far, at face value, it isn't that much different than FireFox 2.0. But what is so annoying and what prompted to write this is that this version makes it almost impossible to change the behavior of the search engine. It always displays the FireFox search page which just happen to be off Google at http://www.google.com/firefox.

But when you look at all the new internal stuff, you can see clearly where these people are headed too - with GOOGLE right smack in the middle of its design with all kinds of GOOGLE related technology and methods BURNED into this new FireFox 3.0 browser.

So go figure!

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