Tuesday, May 08, 2007

PIW - People Integrated World

Maybe I am just full of myself at this moment, but I just thought of a new acronym "PIW" for People Integrated World.

The Internet is providing the vehicle for people to be integrated and connected. You know, in the early days, when I was deeply involved in developing mail communications software products such as Silver Xpress, for the early "social networks" then infamously known as BBS (Bulletin Board Systems), I use to (and still do) have a strong incentive about what I was doing and how it effected people which came down to one concept: It made the timid have a voice. It made the weak, stronger, more agressive in participating and getting involved.

Cyberspace without a doubt, have provided everyone a opportunity to have a voice and when done behind a keyboard, where no one can see who you really are, it created a platform for debate, criticism and encouragement.

I say that because I was one of those people. Oh, I wasn't really a shy person, but back in the 80s, I did most of my "talking" with computers and software development. I was a user of my own creations and the rich features in Silver Xpress exemplified all the desires of its users but more importantly, its #1 user, moi. I strongly believe great products ever developed are built when the authors themselves are their #1 users. You get to see everything there is about it. Of course, you can't be blindsided and ignore other viewpoints; that is one reason why sometimes software authors are labeled arrogant and ignorant (to criticism). But the better products are built when all views are considered and carefully implemented from the author's own viewpoint. [One side point to the consumers of products: We software authors are arrogant, but we are not really ignorant. Trust me, we don't like bugs. We all want perfection. What most authors do want is to say report it "politely." ]

In any case, that's a different topic to reflect on. PIW is about how everyone is now more readily sharing their synergies, their mindsets, their views of things, their modus operandi. We see more things not only within ourselves but with others. We see more things not only within our local geographical surroundings, but world wide.

This song by Bob Sinclair "World Hold On" is a beautiful, touching reminder of PIW, how integrated we all are and how fast we are evolving to be one world society of thought and issues - both good and bad.

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