Saturday, April 28, 2007

WEB Personalization

In recent days, I have pondered the questions; How much is too much when it comes to people posting their inner thoughts, opinions, comments, their daily lives on the web? Where do you draw the line between what should be keep secret, what should be shared? What motivates people to do this? Why I am here asking these questions?

For a company person, what are the legal issues involved? I remember in the old days where an employee posting, writing or sharing information outside the firm might get the person in trouble for breaching the company's NDA. I know, as CTO/CEO of Santronic, I would have concerns and a hard time with the idea an employee was getting too loose with external activities discussing and directly or even indirectly giving away company technologies, ideas, trade secrets, concepts and strategies.

But it seems a growing amount of corporations are now begining or planning to do this - be more open with their inner workings. I wonder what is the legal framework for allowing this to occur in corporations, especially large ones with thousands, per haps hundreds of thounds of employees.

There is so much sharing in the web, whether its of private or public nature. For myself, a person who was an early pioneer in the telecommunications and cyberspace market explosion since the 80's, ironically, I find myself far behind in what seems to be a unstopping growth of blogging and in the technology of "Network Sharing."

With our Wildcat Interactive Net Server (WINSERVER), how much do I talk about? Do I share my strategic thoughts and plans for the future? Do I share it with others so that they might share their thoughts and provide comments with to improve Wildcat!? What about Open Source? Should we make WINSERVER open source?

For the most part, the reason I am doing a blog is because I do have a lot to say, not just about Wildcat!, but about the direction of the Internet, the world in general. I find myself needing to get my own voice more out there.

Right now, the blog is pretty much private site. I haven't published or advertised this blog, so of course, this will be my little private haven for now. Maybe I am just using to learn from it so we can add blogging capabilities to Wildcat!. Its backend infrastructure is already there - what is missing is the fancy interface.

Anyway, I'm here and if you find me, go ahead and share your thoughts with me.


Hector Santos, CTO
Santronics Software, Inc.

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