Saturday, April 28, 2007

Got Stupid?

See this article about a new US government survey found no link between intelligence and wealth. Geez, maybe I've been too smart for my own good. God any stupid pills?

Jokes to the side, it basically means that if you find something you like, regardless of intelligence, if you are lucky and your are at the right time and place, and you the first to do it or do it better than the next guy, you can become pretty successful at almost anything.

Of course, lady luck also factors into our lives (see Dell, Gates, Jobs). So there is probably nothing but a bunch of stupid cliches in this article and what I am blabbing here.

But you see, this is my problem - I'm trying to be too smart about all this when there is really no magic formula or insight, or nothing to flip out about this stupid article. The best thing I should do right now is just shut up and be stupid!

Got stupid?

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