Saturday, April 28, 2007

Internet Video and Ads

Maybe it just a current interest, but I will say for the month of April, I've probably watch more video delivered via the Internet, then delivered via your typical TV.

I could say that maybe the main reason for that was that I received as a birthday present a subscription to MLB.COM Baseball games via the Internet. I'm finally able to see my favorite New York Mets and Yankees once again! I watched the Yanks beat Boston 3-1 today, and I'm now watching the Mets vs National, no score top of the 6th!

But like most people, YouTube phenomenon has proved that people are interesting in sharing not just words, but video. All the major networks have joined to show their shows via the Internet. Who needs TIVO? I can turn on Leno on TV and watch the highlights of David Letterman the next day or vice-versa. I can now watch all the TV news like at NBC.COM or MSNBC.COM, or even watch PBS "FrontLine" shows via the Internet!

This is all great, but there two concerns:

1) There is no standard. There need to be a standard for Internet Video viewing. We have FLASH or Windows Media Player, and others are coming out that will attempt to lock down consumers.

2) The FRIGGING Ads!!! They are SO in your FACE!! With TV, you can at least switch channels. But now the the established networks and providers are getting involved, some are showing ads for each video. Some like AOL TV, are actually breaking into the middle of a viewing to interrupt you with a stupid frigging AD!

But the MONEY is too big. Nothing is going to change this and forget the idea that if you pay for a service, you won't see any ADs! That is how CABLE TV started - A paid service with no ADS - which today not only you are paying for CABLE TV, you are blasted with ADS left, right and center, and WORST, they are now taking 10% or more of your screen! Why are people accepting this?

On the bright side, Internet video ads allows for the first time high reliable DIRECT Marketing campaigns. If they did that, at the very least, I think people will accept "items of interest" and not the general annoying "broadcast to all" junk ads!

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