Saturday, April 28, 2007

Java on Guice!

Oh brother! Google, you doing a great job, but re-inventing ideas and giving them new names like "Java On Guice" is no substitute grabbing concept prior-art technology that at least 20 years and claiming you invented it!

What I am talking about?

Well, Wildcat! is already a multiple device system. You can write application code once, create "display adapters" with each client already knowing its dependencies, and the application is usable for each type of device, interface and presentation.

This wildcat! BASIC code:


is usable for any kind of DEVICE depending on the client that runs it!

You call this "Java on Guice - Dependency-Injection Framework!"? What, did you just wake up understanding your your billion dollar business is strictly WEB base and know realize there are other forms of output? Like Text? DUH!

Give me a break GOOGLE!

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