Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Getting a FaceList

Well folks, I finally swallowed my pride and join FaceBook. Primarily to get together with the family who are ALL on FaceBook, but also to learn of its features.

So what is the secret of FaceBook?

Well, its complete sharing of information.

Duh, you might say.

Right. But sharing information was always considered a taboo - a violation of privacy rights so older software, such as our 25 year old Wildcat! Interactive Net Server hosting package, it never allowed sharing of information.

But that will change, Wildcat! 7.0 promises to bring sharing for customers who want to have their "own Facebook" like system. Heather, my daughter, helped me realized that I have change with the times in order to survive. Heather and I are starting a new business where you can collect all your electronic messages in one area. Its really nothing new, but it will be done via the web and it will have FaceBook and Twitter features too. We have a demo at myfeathernet.com

Well, facebook is fun I must say. You have to give up some of your privacy, but that seems to be the norm today. So be it. My cousin Tara had a favorite word today on Facebook - UPDATE! What is exactly how I feel - I must UPDATE to conform. :-)


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