Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Removing Chrome Spying Activity

Chrome is interesting fast browser (well, starts fast), but it has enough attraction that will probably begin to lure people.

The problem is that while Google touts it as a "Safe Browser" that is only stopping others from malicious and unethical activity - but not unethical activity that Google does itself.

This is like a neighbor getting your mail, opening it up for you, checking that it doesn't have any anthrax, but also records who send it, why, what information it had to sell to others, and then before it gives the mail to you, it will re-seal the letters as if it was never open.

Well, there are a number of things you can do to remove the spying. One will require you to rebuild Chrome.

Under Wrench | Options | General

Click the Default Search Manage option and unclick

  [_] Use a suggestion service to help complete searches.....

Under Wrench | Options | Under the Hood, turn off the following options:

  [_] Help Make Chromium Better........

  [_] Show Suggestions for navigation

  [_] Use DNS Pre-Fetching ...........

  [_] Enable Phishing and malware protection

For Cookie Settings use

  [Restrict how third-party cookies can be used]

This will stop all by one last call home spy ware feature.

The last one requires a recompile of the Chrome source code.  Add a single line of code in the c/c++ file:

    File: src\chrome\browser\url_fetch.cc
    Function: function StartUrlRequest()

void URLFetcher::Core::StartURLRequest()  {
DCHECK(MessageLoop::current() == io_loop_);

return; // <--- STOP SPY WARE

request_ = new URLRequest(original_url_, this);

Adding the return statement will stop all unsolicited background call home, monitoring done by Google.

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