Friday, February 22, 2008

Poison Pills: The death of DKIM SSP

For those who remember the classic ending in Planet Of the Apes, where Heston finally realizes he never left earth seeing the crumbled Statue of Liberty sticking out of the beach sand, he cries in despair:

"They finally did it! Oh no! Those Bastards finally did it!"

Its exactly how I felt when the DKIM working group was commandeered by a handful of business related concerns to finally destroy the DKIM SSP protocol proposal.

The way they did it was nothing short of a brilliant strategy in injecting a poison pill.

For awhile there, it seemed the momentum was on the side of SSP. The SSP-01 specification was making sense, developers began to feel confidence to implement it feeling there was no way in hell, it will change much more.

But all of sudden BANG - a competitive specification called ASP was introduce - a poison pill. ASP was so BAD, it is fairly obvious no one will use it.

But the ASP group was powerful enough to get the SSP authors to rewrite their own SSP specification with nearly all the same content!! It made you wonder WHO copied WHO!

ASP is so bad, not even the ASP principal author is supporting it his new Reputation $$$$ business services. Its not part of the VBR specification!. You wonder why? Well, Anything SSP related would water this VBR system. Most system would simply not need this REPUTATION service.

In some way, I am happy it happen. Now I can move on. The ASP people should be given credit for killing SSP. I just wonder if they have enough sleeping pills on hand - they are going to need it.

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