Saturday, December 03, 2005

Telco exec wants ISPs to charge for download prioritization!

Yesterday, I read in the Washington Post, the following:

What does this mean?

Well, the way I see it, it means that if you search for something via the channels and network, they can begin to CAP the bandwidth or even FILTER the results depending on who are you searching.

This would be a whole new business model and paradigm for the search industry. If the TELCO gets it way, then the search industry will begin to charge for their services. There is already talk about this. Would you pay $5 per month to Google to use their search system?

I always said if this was to happen, then a new "No Frills" google-like free search site will emerge and I believe Google knows this and are deafly afraid of the next "No Frills" search site. That is why it hasn't happen yet.

However, with the Telco's like BS, now wanting to get into this new business model, they can control the freebies versus the fee-based search results via domain based capping, bandwidth and filter controls. Slower for freebie site, normal/faster for fee-based search site that
has a contract with BellSouth.



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